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Just as concrete is fundamental to your building project, using Beachy Contracting to handle the project is fundamental to its success.

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Concrete Division

Concrete is literally the foundation of almost every building.  To say concrete is important would be a vast understatement.

Concrete is basically a combination of cement and some form of aggregate, whether that is gravel, sand, or whatever.  The combination is mixed with water and, as it dries, it forms a strong, solid surface on which to build.

Concrete can be used for so many various things.  Not only foundations, but driveways, walkways, sidewalks, and flooring are all easily constructed from concrete.

Just as concrete is fundamental to your building project, using Beachy Contracting to handle the project is fundamental to its success.

Building Pads & Parking Lots

Particularly with either new construction or as an improvement to a commercial property, a well laid, smooth and professional building pad or parking lot is an investment worthy of the name.  Both require expert care in their design and concrete work for the best possible end product.  Beachy Contracting prides itself on this type of precise workmanship and looks forward to working with you to make your vision a reality.


The driveway to your home is more important than many people realize.  It not only serves as a nice firm foundation to drive on, it finishes the entire look of the property.  Consider a home without a driveway.  Just a barren dirt area, or perhaps a bald spot in the midst of a lawn or weeds.  Not an attractive look and probably not the look you want for your castle.

Special features you should know about Beachy Contracting driveways:

  • A well-designed and finished driveway can increase your property values by an average of 10%.  Assuming a median housing value of $250,000, that is a $25,000 improvement!
  •  A cracked or broken driveway can be a fall hazard.  This opens your family up to the risk of injury or lawsuit.
  • We can offer a textured finish to reduce risk of slippage during wet or snowy weather.  These textures also increase visual interest, while protecting you and your family
Walkways & Patios

Think of walkways as driveways for your feet.  The same general improvement in aesthetics and family safety apply to walkways.  One of the specialties we can offer for walkways on your property are concrete options that include color, stain or even stamped.

Your patio can be so much more than just an outdoor place.  With upscale concrete options, you can easily design it as a fully-functional outdoor kitchen and entertainment nook!  Imagine sitting with friends and enjoying the clean air in a beautifully designed area.

Stamped walkways can mimic other looks including wood, river rock and other distinctive styles while retaining the strength and durability concrete is so well known for.

Choose the Right Concrete Contractor

With so many options to choose from, how do you choose the right concrete contractor for the job?
Beachy Contracting prides itself on the following values:



You can count on Beachy Contracting to be forthcoming and upfront on cost estimates, project deadlines and other important information to you and your family.


We choose to use only the highest quality materials available to ensure your investment has a maximum return in both initial dollars and overall value.



We fully acknowledge the inconvenience associated with having workmen on your property. Everything possible is done to reduce any imposition and maintain only a highly professional demeanor at all times.



It is not only imperative that our team is safe, it is paramount that your family remains safe throughout and until completion of your project.  All steps are taken to reduce any risk to you, your family, our team and the general public.

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